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Invest in This Wild Ride!

​After the success of the genre/horror film "Dolly Deadly" we have decided to move forward with "Dolly Deadly 2".

Wretched Productions has teamed up with HM&M Films for the sequel and this time it is a slasher rock musical. Think "Little Shop of Horrors" meets John Waters' "Cry Baby".

Production is set to begin in June of 2017, so we are currently seeking an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER to become a part of this wild venture by providing funds. If you would like more information, please email us at We will send over an outline then answer any further questions you may have.

We are also accepting contributions from our amazing fans/supporters. Click on the link below to pitch in.

Contribute funds to Dolly Deadly 2

Below is a bit of information about our production companies and the original "Dolly Deadly" :

Wretched Productions

HM&M Films

Dolly Deadly 1 on Amazon Prime

Dolly Deadly 1 Trailer

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