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The kids are talkin about the vhs tapes...

It's good to know that somewhere in the world people still appreciate vhs. Severed is an all day convention that proves it. Afraid of the Basement will be there selling a collection of my short films compiled on a vhs called "Lady Brains", and.....a short film I made a few years ago will be playing on the big screen. "Boyfriend"! I never really did much with "Boyfriend" because it was once showed to the wrong crowd and I was discouraged; Nothing is more discouraging than watching your movie in a theater full of people who just don't get it, oh man! But I've gotten over the opinions of the general public and It needs to be shown off. Especially since the infamous Mutant Lady is the face of Wretched Productions. And what better place than Severed to get it back out there? If you are in the area, go check it out; vhs and cool's not to be missed!


Afraid of the Basement:

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